When a Hero Needs Saving


"M" together with some of his family members. (Photo: Karmey Chessed)

"For I desire steadfast loving kindness." (Hosea 6:6)

On October 27th, 2002 terrorists entered the gas station outside of the city of Ariel in Samaria, attempting to detonate a bomb on a bus full of commuters. The bus driver together with the owner of a nearby hotel successfully intervened and prevented the terrorist from detonating the bomb. A soldier who was on the bus at the time shot the terrorist, and accidentally hit the bomb which partially detonated, causing severe injuries to the driver.

This is the story of "M" who 12 years after the terror attack is still undergoing continuous medical treatments and surgeries for the injuries he acquired while saving the lives of a bus full of people.

"We're not talking about a person who is simply down on his luck," said a spokesman at Karmey Chessed, the organization who is helping "M" cover some of his medical bills and supporting his family while he is unable to work due to his disabilities and worsening medical condition. "We are talking about a hero. "M" saved the lives of everyone on that bus that day, and he deserves the help he needs to live as normal of a life as possible. It is the least that we can do for him," said the spokesman.

"M" told Breaking Israel News a bit about the price he is paying, for his service: "I was severely injured. I sustained a variety of injuries, some of which are still affecting me very seriously today. I need a lot of medicine, and I am severely disabled to the point that I cannot work. My condition caused me to develop a severe case of diabetes, and I am on insulin 24 hours a day on top of my disability."

"M" was not helped by social insurance for seven years following the attack. He incurred huge medical bills, and although his wife works full time, she does not earn enough to support their family of 11, as well as purchase the medications that "M" needs which total close to $900 a month.

"It was 7 years until social services recognized my condition and began paying me a modest salary. The salary is not nearly what I was making, and it doesn't cover my expenses," "M" said. The bills were adding up and we thought that we would lose everything."

That is when Karmey Chessed stepped in. "M" praised Karmey Chessed for saving his family. "Without Karmey Chessed we would long ago have lost their ability to cope. They helped me out with paying for my medications, clothing, and food for my family. They call us every week to see if we need help for Shabbat and for the holidays, when a child has a school trip they pay for it."

"M" was gushing with gratitude during the interview. " After all the help they have given me I must give them something back. Telling my story is the least I can do. They need help as well. They do everything they can to help out but they do not have enough resources to help everyone as much as every person needs."

When asked what he felt was special about the organization, as opposed to other charitable organizations "M" said; "We are fighting for our right to live in this country. Because I am Jewish I am paying the price for living here. Karmey Chessed is helping me do that.

Karmey Chessed is the only organization that is currently helping me today. 12 years after the accident, they are still helping me and my family. They really care."

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