On Hannukkah, A Special Delivery of Holiday Cheer to IDF Soldiers

Rabbi Moshe Pizer (center) with IDF soldiers stationed near Egypt, celebrating the Hanukkah festival, sponsored by Karmey Chesed. (Photo: Karmey Chesed)

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it." (Proverbs 3:27)

On an IDF army base close to the southern border with Egypt, like many other army bases, soldiers work around the clock to protect Israel from would be enemies. On the second night of Hanukkah, Karmey Chesed organized a holiday celebration for the soldiers on this remote base, one which filled them all with holiday cheer.

"We have to take into account that there are a lot of people who want to make the soldiers happy around the times of the holidays, but some of the soldiers who are further away are often forgotten," says Rabbi Moshe Pizer, a volunteer who worked with Karmey Chesed to organize the event.

"We took it upon ourselves to head down to a base on the southern border with Egypt. We arrived with a lot of energy, menorahs, food, music and a lot of good cheer and we brightened their holiday," he said.

In an interview with Breaking Israel News, Pizer told of the joy that the soldiers felt. "I said a few words to thank the soldiers for their service to the country and for our protection. We lit candles, we danced, we had a lot of food, and the soldiers loved it."

"It was so perfect for them, just what they needed to lift their spirits," he added.

Karmey Chessed has been working to help people, both soldiers and civilians alike, for many years. The organization makes a difference every day in the lives of the people who they touch and a lasting impact for the better.

"We are living in a state where there is a heightened sense of security," explained Pizer. "More soldiers are needed to be on duty all the time. They often don't have a feeling of being at home. Even when they are at home, often they don't have everything they need to live comfortably."

The soldiers truly appreciated the evening according to Pizer, a veteran of helping out on various army bases. "When people show up and surprise soldiers and bring them some gifts for the holidays,it gives them a feeling of being appreciated, that is unparalleled. It helps them see clear as day that their sacrifice does not go unnoticed."

Karmy Chessed provides money for welfare packages and events such as this one that show support for soldiers all across the IDF. During Wednesday's event, many of the soldiers were lone soldiers who have no home in Israel and are volunteering from abroad. Even when these soldiers have time off, they have no home to go to.

Pizer told of one soldier, who hails from London, who had never been to a Hanukkah party with a menorah before. He had no idea what people were doing, and what the celebration was about. "When he saw the celebration going on, and after learning what it was all about, he became very joyous and emotional. He was completely overwhelmed," said Pizer.

Pizer finished off by saying how much he respects and appreciates Karmey Chesed for all the work it does and for the help it gives to the soldiers. "I cannot recommend enough that people donate to Karmey Chesed for all the work they do. They really make a difference in everyone's life. This huge mitzvah (positive commandment) is something which Karmey Chesed does time and again. It strengthens the connection between Jews from all over who come to stand guard and protect our country. They have a better feeling about doing their jobs, their morale goes up and that can make all the difference."

"Karmey Chesed is literally saving lives by helping people everyday, and you do not need to go any further than the faces around this army base in order to see the results."

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