He Who Sows in Tears Shall Reap in Song, (Psalms, 126:5) One Family's Story of Salvation

It was almost seven years ago that Karmey Chesed received an urgent plea for help. A large household was struggling against the ravages of poverty brought on by months of unemployment. Another home living the rampant Israeli statistic. Due to progressive illness, the father had lost his job a few months prior, and in spite of his best efforts, was unable to procure work. The repercussions were all too soon to follow. Electric bills went unpaid, debts mounted, and, most starkly, food staples became scarce. In addition to these unfathomable developments, the family was already raising 4 children suffering various degrees of chronic health issues. Extensive medical and rehabilitative efforts to maximize the children's functioning were the norm long before this financial crisis had in. Needless to say, the situation was now dire.

That was when Karmey Chesed stepped into the picture. After processing the referral, Karmey Chesed proceeded to map the family's needs in order to most efficiently restore this family to functioning. Financial aid was foremost, comprising of monetary donations, food packages, as well as furniture and electrical appliances as needed. Medical funding was vital. Most of all however, it was the emotional support that brought about transformation. No matter what would arise, this family knew that they now had where to turn.

Last year Karmey Chesed rejoiced as E., the family's oldest son, celebrated first place in the International Biblical Competition. This year, Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten, CEO and founder of Karmey Chesed, received a phone call. It was the father of E. on the line. His son had recently completed his Master's degree in a leading Israeli university. Now he is working on his Doctorate.

Karmey Chesed. Fighting poverty one family at a time.

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