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Karmey Chesed volunteers bring furniture into a needy house

Karmey Chesed volunteers bring furniture into a needy house

The Jacobs were a young family with five children. To the outside world they projected an image of happiness and stability but inside their home things were a different story. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs' simply weren't earning enough to cover their family's basic expenses and their home bespoke of neglect and want. Basic items like a functioning oven and fridge, closets, tables, and chairs, seemed like luxury items to the Jacobs who were simply were making do with far, far less.

To Mr. Jacobs, life didn't seem like it was worth living. The pressure was enormous, and the feeling of ineptitude so all-encompassing, that Mr. Jacobs considered leaving it all behind. The idea of suicide seemed like a viable way out.

Enter Karmey Chessed, Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten's home-based tzeddakah organization. Though the organization is small in terms of overhead, the scope of its performance is all-inclusive. Karmey Chessed provided the Jacobs with basic furniture and electric items, supplying them with that which they were most lacking first.

Slowly, the Jacob family rehabilitated itself. With Mr. Jacob's emotional state so fragile Karmey Chessed realized that they'd have to provide him with emotional support. The emotional and financial assistance combined worked wonders so that today, the Jacobs are back on their feet, working toward a better future.

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